Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rebirth Records

Angela K. Debuts On Rebirth With 'Ballad' 
Remixed By Andre' Lodemann, Robytek Vs Shield &Trafik

Angela K. is an artistic alter ego born in 2005: Angela Scalvini, conservatory trained songwriters, meets the electronic artist Isacco Zanola and experimental guitarist Maurizio Rinaldi. Angela K. music draws inspiration from trip hop musical sensuality (Portishead above all) to traditional singers (from Billy Holiday to Joan Baez) melting different influences into a unique style: the “electrofolk” of “The Legendary Indian Aquarium and Other Stories”, published in 2006 for the local indie label Kandinski Records, which received very good reviews and allowed Angela to perform all over Italy. Since then Angela has blended a fascination  for electronic music and her love for folk, thus giving birth to her own fragile and intimate style, always under experimentation, surely unique and original. Continue...

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