Monday, January 25, 2010


Monopod5 - Sub Club
Glasgow, Jan 9th, 2010

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It's a familiar fable. A story that spans three decades and three generations. Their elasticated bass tones have touched the lives of everyone in Scotland's biggest city. They are the devilish duo responsible for Glasgow's techno city. Ex-NME hack, Channel 4's Stuart Cosgrove, might be spouting a load of old techno bollocks, but he is just one such infamous Scot who has been influenced by DJ Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle's twisted funk. Wherever you drink, wherever you work, where ever you dance; every teen to thirty something has raved and craved Slam at the Arches. They are the dirty disco duo who form part of the cultural fabric of Glasgow's clubbing society. It's their sound that permeates every creative walk of life from marketing offices to bars, design companies to the city's restaurants, art institutions to hairdressers. Each month Slam DJ to 2500 people and to 25,000 people in July, that's 55,000 people a year in Scotland alone. Ask around the city and most people will have had a life changing moment at Slam at the Arches. This is the sound of Glasgow and Slam made it. Lock up your children. Slam came together over ten year’s ago. Their longevity is a result of a traditional punk ethic where Manager, Dave Clarke, is the invisible third member of the band. Full bio at RA

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