Monday, May 24, 2010

O61O Episode

Listen Velizar in the mix 0610



Listen| Ellen Allien, Plattenleger Saturday May 23, 2010
Ellen Allien is a brand that we have come to trust in a very specific way—her titanic BPitch Control records, her collabos with Apparat—each of her releases is a hallmark by which other comparable recordings are judged (and therefore hardly ever vice versa). So when she turns a corner, what do we say, exactly? On Dust, we find our berlinette greatly defrosted from the icy postapocalyptic machinations of Sool, exhibiting an emotional openness that recalls the warmer moments on Orchestra of Bubbles, albeit with much gentler pluck-n-click percussion work. This is a summer record. Tracks like "The Sun The Rain" and "My Tree" juxtapose a droning low end with a cheerful clean guitar. Continue reading at RA