Thursday, May 13, 2010


Where Did The Night Fall
UNKLE, aka James Lavelle and Pablo Clements, will release their fifth album this May on Surrender All.
Like much of UNKLE's previous work,  Where Did The Night Fall promises to be a highly eclectic release, with strains of afro-beat, psychedelic rock, hip-hop and classical music all blending into lush soundscapes and electronic beats. The album will feature a variety of guest appearances, including Mark Lanegan from Queens of the Stone Age, LA noise artists Autolux, and percussionists from London's Heritage Orchestra. Since its inception in 1994, UNKLE has had a perpetually changing cast of group members. It began as a collaboration between James Lavelle and  Tim Goldsworthy, who left the group in '95 and later co-founded DFA Records. At various points in the following decade, UNKLE's lineup included DJ Shadow, The Scratch Perverts, Japanese hip-hop artist Kudo, and most recently Richard File, who split from the group in 2008. Unkle's lineup now consists of Lavelle and Psychonauts member Pablo Clements. Did The Night Fall is out NOW in the UK and Europe and tomorrow in North America! Grab your copy today via UNKLE’s online stores in North America or the Rest of the WorldiTunes or your local store.