Tuesday, June 01, 2010

James Teej

Evening Harvest

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Although he's only really made a name for himself in Europe over the past couple of years, Teej has been active in the Canadian scene since the mid-'90s, setting up his own short-lived Reflection Records label and DJing across the country. In the middle of the last decade, Teej made the move to Toronto and continued to DJ and work on tracks, before finally launching his production career properly with tracks on labels like Connect Four and Rebirth.  Matt Edwards and James Masters were impressed by his quirky tech-house style, and invited him to remix Toby Tobias' "In Your Eyes" before offering him an album deal. The resulting work goes by the name of Evening Harvest, and showcases various facets of Teej's sound, including jazzy piano house and moodier low-slung tracks. All ten tracks have been previously unreleased, and the album even includes a collaboration with French multi-instrumentalists dOP.

Tracklist 01. B4 Spring 02. Monaco Villa 03. Late Blooming 04. Greenback feat. dOP 05. We Collide 06. Left Believing 07. Seven Day Mend 08. The Rain Awaiting 09. Sicken 10. All We Have Is Time