Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ost & Kjex

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Norwegian production duo Ost & Kjex second album out now, Cajun Lunch on Diynamic Music.

The new record shows Ost & Kjex continuing to perfect their off-kilter, pop-influenced brand of house, as heard on releases like Dirty Mind, Nordisch by Nature and their Norwegian Grammy nominated full-length Some, But Not All Cheese, Comes From the Moon. Though primarily following pop song formats, most of the tracks are built for club use, and all of them feature diva vocals by guest singer Tracee Meyn. Some fans will recognize the track "Continental Lover," a flamboyant tune that made its debut on Tama Sumo's Panorama Bar 02. Read interview with Ost & Kjex at RA

Tracklist: 01. Mosambique Travelplan 02. Ticket to the Moon 03. Continental Lover 04. A New Deal 05. Cajun Lunch 06. Seraphine 07. Bluecheeseblues Part 01 08. Bluecheeseblues Part 02 09. Yellow Man 10. Blue Bird 11. Let's Set the Time 12. The Spooner