Monday, September 20, 2010

Marconi Union


Marconi Union's latest 12" "Glassworks" is now on sale at the BineMusic webshop at a discount price of 8,- EUR including p&p (until September 20th onlyThe heat of summer into an urban canyon's night of fresh air. In Berlin. Or Manchester. Maybe in Budapest even. It is warm, but not that close and hot anymore. A soft wind blows through the leaves and ripples the surface of the small puddles the rain left on the streets. With relaxed enthusiasm a man walks up to his house where he will decant a well-tempered Sangiovese while waiting for the woman with whom he will chat till dawn. With three (even four if you count the bonus mp3) reworkings of one of their tracks from the full-length album "13", the trio from Manchester conjures such an atmosphere on their vinyl release on BineMusic, inviting you to (day-)dream or relaxedly bob across the dancefloor. And maybe even bear the waiting time while stuck in traffic.