Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sonic Flavors 0910

On My Playlist Now: Sebastian Mullaert - Voices Around The Fire / Mule Electronic. Matias Aguayo - Menta Latte, Sanfuentes Aguayo Mix / Kompak. Douglas Greed - OmU / Freude Am Tanzen Recordings. Heartik - Wax Works, Joachim Pastor Remix / Great Stuff. Frankie Granato, N-Zino - In The Heart Of The Night, Ivo Toscano, Roberto Perotti Remix / Tokyo Red Recordings. Trentemoller - Even Though You're With Another Girl, Kollektive Turmstrasse / In My Room. Marko Nastic - Dreams / Night Light Recordings. Id10ts - in The Gold Room, Dj Koze Vocal Remix / Loeb. Dexter - Junofest / Rush Hour.
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