Thursday, October 14, 2010


A fantastic EP by Chymera, Ghosts is out on Connaisseur now, buy at beatpot. Founded in 2005 by Alex Flitsch, Hilary Flitsch and Martin Henkel, Connaisseur is an expert label offering sophisticated electronic club music, away from mainstream appeal - by music lovers for music lovers, this is the basic principle of Connaisseur Recordings’ philosophy.

Stylistically seen, Connaisseur aims to serve the market with versatility, without neglecting the sound aesthetical continuity of the release policy. The emphasis however, lies on Techno and Minimal, although other influences and fusions are deliberately sought. Grand emotions, packed in a minimalistic sound structure, with the strategy of not only picking up current trends, but actually generating own.

The artist selection also emphasizes our not thinking in categories. Each artist is supposed to present his or their own unmistakeable sound. This recall value is important to us, so the approach “artist with musical personality“ can be fully applied.