Saturday, October 09, 2010

dOP greatest hits

Paris'dOP = Damian Van de Sande (keyboards and horns), Clement Zemstov (beat programming), Jonathan Lelli (lyrics and vocals). Three childhood friends who offer a plethora of musical styles through their Hip-Hop, Jazz, House and Reggae Cuts.

Through their exposure to Malian folk composers, dOP kickstarted their foray into composing electronic music in their own style, releasing records through Mali K7 and remixing on labels like MilnorModern, Circus Company and Eklo. With some advice from dear mate Nicolas Sfintescu of Noze, the trio delved into making organic dance music in a classical way of composing with real instruments and voice, playing and collecting organic instruments such as flutes, horns, percussions, glockenspiel, saxophone and many more.

With collabs with friends such as Guy Gerber, DJ Koze and Sety and their self-released EPs and remixes for Get Physical, Rebirth and many more, do not miss them on stage as they re-energise House music with horns, bells, bass, roses, vodka and a whole lot of vocals.

This fall dOP are set to release their debut album on Circus Company

In characteristically cheeky fashion, the album is called Greatest Hits, though all but two of the tracks are previously unreleased. Stylistically, the album shows dOP doing what they do best: melding electronic sounds and live instrumentation to produce a jazzy, cabaret-inspired brand of house. The trio make use of an impressive array of instruments, including the painino, cajon, cuica, melodica and Chinese flute, while vocalist JAW croons lines such lines as "I eat your legs like scrambled eggs" in his trademark breathy falsetto. Guest appearances come from French producer Seuil and Aquarius Caloni, who first debuted on dOP's edition of the Watergate series earlier this year. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts shows off his balafon skills on "Assurance Vie," portions of which came from sessions for his own album, Breaking the Fourth Wall, on which dOP guested.

Greatest Hits will see release on CD and digital download. It will be accompanied by a series of three 12-inches, each featuring tracks from the album alongside remixes by Herbert, Ame and DJ Koze.

Tracklist: 01. Worm Hunting 02. No More Daddy 03. 1 Gram 04. Talk Show 05. Assurance Vie 06. Happy Meal 07. L' Hopital, La Rue, La Prison 08. U R 09. Lacy Lad 10. Love Ride 11. New York
12. Final Dive 13. 3 Suitcases 14. Deaf Wagrant