Friday, October 01, 2010

President Bongo

Download Radio Bongo - Sept 2010

Measure out your dancing space, tape up your feet and tie down your jockstrap! The President aka Aka Gluteus Maximus + his band Gusgus hits where it hurts! And it hurts twice as bad as it should. With an amazing roster of the coolest, the hottest, the dirtiest clubs all around the world the President is sure to direct everyone to the dance-floor with his compacted fusion of techno, house and whatever comes into that rotting mind when connected to his native Gaybon superpowers. The president is never to busy to make love, and his love is music. Soft leather gloves and blackened matt hand-grenades, do you like fisting? He does. A fist full of records. Number one records.

Radio Bongo - Sept 2010 by President Bongo

TRACKLIST: Khan of Finland - Candy Girl, dOP mix. MoodyMann - Dirty Mutha Fucker. Art Department - Without You. Bite of Fire - Magic Harmony. Alex Boman - Purple Drank. Barnt - What is a number that a man may know it. Penner + Muder - Precense of another Man. Patrick Chardronnet - Eve by Night. Aphex Twin - ... cannot remember the name of this track but i love it! :)