Friday, November 26, 2010

Guti & Dubshape

Every Cow Has A Bird on Crosstown Rebels Music at KOMPAKT

Guti & Dubshape debut a new partnership exclusively for Crosstown Rebels bringing a formidable pair of tracks that inject a bit of funk into the proceedings! 'Every Cow Has A Bird' is a groovy ass-monster of a record. Layered with jazzy piano medleys, undulating percussive drums, staccato cries and jubilant whistles, it has feel good stamped all over it. First appearing on Damian Lazarus' new Fabric CD compilation it has been well in demand ever since. On the flip 'Bueno' is a bit heavier, marked with throbbing bass and the quintessential piano key's. Penetrating the senses with round textures and hungry vocals, it is still stamped with Guti's trademark effervescent jazz pianist style. Guti began to discover his musical passion as a jazz pianist, before becoming a rock star in his home of Argentina when a young, wild and free spirit. With significant releases laid down on Locodice & Martin Buttrich's Desolat label as well as a string of collaborations with Shaun Reeves on Wolf + Lamb and Ryan Crosson on Supplement Facts, he has the blood of a Latin American star running through his veins. Fellow South Americans, Ale Reis & João Lee are Dubshape, stacking up key releases on 8Bit, Kompakt, Supernature, and murmur. The Brazilians found their way playing at legendary clubs such as Warung and as residents at D-Edge for the past four years, playing alongside some of the brightest stars of electronic music. Ale is also part of Nonumbah from Yoruba Recs.