Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chaim in the mix

Tsugi Podcast 136 by Chaim  www.tsugi.fr

Born into a family of traditional musicians and the son of a father who was already spinning records in the late sixties, Chaim grew up to become a complex producer. Influenced by Moroccan music he heard at home while growing up, and the sound of Chicago House he fell in love with while working as a light jockey in his local clubs, his productions tell a story of a sensitive musician from Tel Aviv. Chaim lives a lifestyle intense with bitter sweet moments, resulting from the extreme diversities his homeland offers. His tracks often climax with massive stabs, showing Chaim’s unquestionable talent for the unexpected. He plants hooky and hypnotic melodies in the front, while scratching the soul with 80s inspired synth licks flickering from speaker to speaker, effects, and memorable vocals that are wrapped inside a wall of sound. Collaborating with his partner in crime Guy Gerber on Supplement Facts releases and as a team, they produce epic tracks with uplifting, head-twisting melodies. While often producing big sound tunes like "Genesis" appearing on Cocoon's compilation G, Chaim is also drawn to the more minimal side of electronic music one can hear in his Traum Schallplatten release "Carolin". These days he splits his time between studio work in the country side of Israel -working on his live show and album - and playing gigs in and outside of Israel. Enjoying a wide range of support from the likes of Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Tiga, Digweed, Claude Von Stroke and Sasha to name but a few, Chaim is without doubt in the front with today's innovative up and coming young producers. As of 2008, Chaim is an exclusive BPitch Control artist.
U & Eye out now on BPitch Control | Listen / Buy at Beatport
Chaim Avital brings a glow to revellers' hearts. The producer and DJ from Tel Aviv is loved like a star for his melodic dancefloor elegies. This charming musician has opened up house music to his own unique sound cosmos; he takes delight in a new and distinct spectrum of emotions. He unlocks the club cosmos, moulds moods and sounds into a universal pop language and seduces us with enchanting grooves. This first single from his debut album "Alive", due for release in February, fills the listener with euphoric longing. The sweet, intimate surrender of "U & Eye" takes your breath away. This song featuring the touching voice of Meital De Razon knows no boundaries. It captivates the masses at festivals and takes the home listener on a cinematic trip through a pair of headphones. "U & Eye" is both a declaration of love and an accusation. The song captures the moment when you are completely enraptured with your lover - yet his or her actions remain a mystery. Love proves to be a prison and there is nothing left to do but hope for mercy. But this is not Chaim's last word on the subject: the laconic, almost ironic balance to this burning passion is to be found in the bassline of the track. Its melody carries you away and burrows deeper into your mind with every bar. In "Don't Shout" we hear Chaim's adamant call to the party animals in all of us. The deep bass tones of this euphoric, exuberant number infiltrate our every limb. Crisp garage grooves are interspersed with oriental percussive rhythms; male voices communicate with the electronic tongues of angels. "Everything" is a track for much later into the night: the chaos of the peak time has abated, the dancers are immersed in the depths of the music. Chaim drives them on with hypnotic chords, envelops them in a delicate sonic fabric. "Don't you want it?" calls a voice. Yes, Chaim, we certainly do!