Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be As One

There is a light out by Vozmediano, Rolando is out now at Beatport

The story: It was early in 2006 when a common spirit and will of creating something out from conventional leaded the israelian Dj and producer Shlomi Aber, to give birth to his own Label… “Be As One Imprint.”

Raised amidst and influenced by the old school Techno vibes, one of Shlomi’s main aims is to develop his “Highly Intelligent Music ” belief. A strong belief crystallized in a Shlomi’s statement: “No matter if it’s hard or soft, it just needs to touch your mind, body and soul at the same time”. Be As One revives and maintains the old school techno vibes which lost the way over the past years and mix it into the new age sound in order to keep the underground techno tradition alive. With a well established crew, which contains some of the most well respected dj’s and producers of the recent times, Be As One has become one of the most influencing and established record label, booking agency and artist management of the past years. The idea behind this project is to keep track and develop the musical boundaries of the new century, alongside pushing the limit in order to create more intelligent and unique underground music.

The nights: Be As One night, as a development for the imprint platform which contains a record label, artist management and booking agency, it’s a worldwide club tour which shares the imprint musical philosophy with all the techno lovers which do believe that techno got soul and rhythm, may it be classic, house, Detroit or minimal.
From Europe and America to Asia and Australia, the concept, in the shape of the BAO unique sound, is exposed to club nights and festivals at once.
The making: A night focused around the label artists: a showcase of the pure BAO sound with a line up which contains some of the finest dj’s and producers of the moment.
The imprint offers a unique flyer design, visual show, special stage setting and decoration alongside the brand accessories, which can be build up individually for each club room space and atmosphere to ensure a full Be As One branding.

Night promotion: To achieve the maximum success of the party, we support your event ensuring a full Be As One branding night, providing to the following profiles of the event promotion:
1- Event artwork including flyers, html eflyers, Ads & banners
(Artwork agreed to be done externally has to be approved by Be As One)
2- Inclusion on and Be As One’s Myspace with an event listing, club and artists info’s.
3- Giveaways including Be As One merchandise
4- Visuals to be play on night to ensure a full Be As One tagging
5- Highly rated partner djs to be added on request to our show case from our Partner djs list.

To book a Be As One event please contact Roni Gafni: