Friday, February 04, 2011

Swimming In My Mind

Tom Demac / Hypercolour

He only has £43 quid in the bank, due to buying a very limited edition TR707 drum machine and a pair of shit mocassin shoes that make him look like a cross between a red indian and Noel Gallagher, his landlord is threatening to not renew his tenancy agreement because he's late with his rent, and the snooty-nosed teacher who lives next door, in a drug fuelled house of failed musicians is complaining about the strength of his kick drums coming through the walls. Welcome to the world of Tom Demac, Amos inpersonator, cigarette smoker and probably the most exciting export to come from Wales since Kathy Jenkins! Well it's not all bad for Tom Demac, not to be taking too seriously as you can tell, returning to his beloved Hypercolour he presents us with an EP of depth, girth and weighty cuts.

'Swimming in my mind' is an entwinement of swirling synths, punchy toms and church organ bass, collectively structured to create a future house cut of the finest pedigree. The vocal is enchanting, and would not be out of place on a modern day folk-tronica effort from someone like Boards of Canada. The mixes come firstly from Tom himself, who turns in a non 4/4 bass-heavy workout, it's Dubstep, but not as we know it. Circus Company off-the-wall producer Marc Baritte aka Dave Aju is an artist who Hypercolour hand picked, amongst the plethora or genericism that the electronic music world is consumed with right now. As expected Dave matches Tom's original with his own forward thinking take on electronic music, shuffle house vibes, with bass bubbles throughout, underpinned by a heavy off-kilter sub bass. Wait till you hear this on a big rig! In theme with the entire release, 'Lose that, tape this' continues the rolling tech ride, sirens flare and in-coming is a vocal snippet that is reminescent of Josh Winks 'Don't Laugh', the comparisons do not stop there, warm sounding, and made with machines, the classic feel and overall quality is clear for all to hear here. The EP is signed off with 'Say you need me', with a bit more of a funkier edge and disco stylings, this further displays Tom's diversity as a producer and the influences that he encompasses. This isn't any less a dance-floor bomb though! go tell your mother!