Monday, May 02, 2011


"House, street, sex, South America, friendship, swing, cúmbia, magic, hip, feeling, techno, kwaito, night, Africa, love, dancing, traveling, parties… are some of the detonators which motivate us to work in what we call Cómeme.

Exemplary showcase out now on Cómeme:
Sacàndose Uno - Diegors
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His first solo EP is a colourful result of all his influences and experiences, and a true reflection of his great dancefloor knowledge. It is dirty and rough, heavily rhythmical , extremely musical, playful and full of the "locura" (crazyness) Êtechnotracks need, and we nowadays miss so much. This dark adventure, full of magic, groove and imagination is another Cómeme production beyond the cliches of what is supposed to be "latin". THE EP: a1. EL UNDERWORLD "Sacándose uno" starts with this big epic track that is already part of all Cómeme DJ's sets. Deep and intense, its pumping bass and its dark synth lines, make it one of these tracks that make you under any circumstance want to stay on the dancefloor. The much too often pronounced word "hypnotic" does truly deserve to be used here. a2. MARCUP MIP This track reflects very much the feeling of Diegors as a dj. It somehow reminds of old chicago legends, but without ever being retro or pretencious. It is extremely groovy and energetic, and never seizes to surprise you while dancing to it. dirty crash cymbals, a very steady and strong beat, the sudden appeareance of crazy timbales and a fat bassline that wants to make you go down, make this track an unpredictable end extremly enjoyable dancing experience. b1. UNGA Unga is dark and sweaty club music. It associates you to the most sensual moments of the night. ÊIts bassline is somewhere located between nocturnal house music and ebm, close to the sound of Ana Helder or the darker side of Matias Aguayo. It features mysterious vocals by Diegors, sung rhythmically on top of this track, full of psychedelic ascending sounds... b2. SACÁNDOSE UNO "Sacándose uno" means something like "rolling a joint that is meant to be shared". With the very same gesture, Diegors offers you the possibility to share his vibe and enter his world. Here we meet him spinning records and making deep and soulful music, coming with his very own approach in which he blends his love for housemusic with the one of contemporary latin rhythms and the smell of marihuana.