Friday, June 24, 2011

Life and Death

After Party / Dop: In just a matter of months, Life and Death has swiftly established itself as purveyors of quality contemporary dance music, made by artists who would undoubtedly make anyone's short list of "Who I'd like to invite to my afterparty". It seems only fitting then that with their newest release they've recruited the undisputed kings of late night mayhem and madness for a paen tribute to that beautiful party after the party, the continuation of all things good and twisted.. the afterparty itself. Not to take the issue of such a joyful celebration lightly, dOP has gone on secret missions over the last 6 months, quietly (and often not so quietly) infiltrating afterparties worldwide and secretly extracting pituitary secretions from the rowdiest party goers at each of them. They then took these secretions, burned them in a special voodoo ceremony and immediately went into the studio to create a fitting tribute to the after-hours festivities we all hold so dear. Once that was complete, friends were invited and even more deviants came to the party for some dirty late night remix action. Clockwork (who's recently released "It's You Again" on Hot Creations has already been the soundtrack to many an after party) are here, french Wolf+Lamb collaborator Le Loup is here, MAS Collective (who recorded on seminal NYC label Strictly Rhythm) is here and Marius & David are here too.. Everybody giving it their own special flavor. What an afterparty indeed.


The common thread that links everyone in involved in Life and Death is something beyond just their specific talents. Yes, everyone involved is talented, as musicians, dj's, promoters, yadda, yadda, yadda. But what defines them is also something else. Each one in their own way, they are all true party instigators.. the fault of some crossed wires in the back of their brain perhaps, or maybe not enough sunlight as children, who can say. But they are definitely. Not. Normal. And that's totally a good thing.
Slow, deep, psychedelic house and trippy disco sounds. Dark and funky at the same time. Little pieces of post-rock attitude combined with soulful sexy dance tracks. Black humour and noisy elegance. Life and Death is a record label and also a party concept.

Life and Death has a peculiar concept. The music in most cases hovers around a dark pop and house approach with a definite psychedelic sensibility.Soulful dance vibes with little pieces of a post-rock attitude. Not immediate dance floor bombs but melodic tunes built around the concept of incorporating influences of its Italian Cosmic Disco and UK/US New Wave and Indie heritage, but without the intention of "reviving" old sounds -- instead creating new ones. It's a concept that maybe seems less peculiar after exploring the eclectic musical backgrounds of its founders Manfredi Romano (aka DJ Tennis) a longtime soundtrack producer and Greg Oreck, one half of New York house duo Thugfucker. And after just two releases it's a sound that's quickly finding its way into the bacchanalian fray of some of the best parties worldwide.