Sunday, October 09, 2011

Harbored Mantras

Water Borders / Tri Angle / Kontakt

On October 24th Tri Angle is very excited to be releasing 'Harbored Mantras', the debut album by San Franciscan duo Water Borders. At Tri Angle we always try to avoid making any grand, sweeping statements about the music we release, but on this occassion we feel very confident in saying 'Harbored Mantras' sounds like nothing else you'll hear all year. Primarily inspired by their lifelong passion for 80s industrial legends Coil and the kind of underground UK dance productions often heard on Rinse FM, ‚Harbored Mantras' is a dense and dizzying soundworld; a dank, tribal and often disorientating dance record which as the two piece state was intended to be ‚" a coalescence of digital and analog sounds and textures". As well as looking to Coil and the UK dance scene for inspiration Harbored Mantras also incorporates a vast array of Water Border's influences including Gamelan rhythms, proto techno, Scott Walker, African drum patterns, dub, Popul Vuh and Glasser, who actually designed the artwork for the album.

TRI ANGLE: Formed in 2010, Tri Angle, a record label helmed by Robin Carolan of 20 Jazz Funk Greats, aims to mirror the eclectic spirit that has defined the XXJFG ethos, as well as providing a safe haven for artists who specialize in a very different kind of pop music, one that’s been dragged through multiple parallel dimensions and re-emerged back on earth spooked and just a little bit messed up.