Friday, January 27, 2012


Falling In Love \  Zopelar  /  D-Edge 
Zopelar is one of our dearest local prodigies. Hailing from a small-town at the heart of Brasil and devoting his life to music from an early age, his love for this artform grew stronger as he explored the myriad layers that sedimented into today's pop. Further developments led him to a classical training in the craft and the result is a burgeoning trajectory to which this EP is a crucial moment. One marked by the inflection on his approach, until then heavily influenced synth pop and post punk to the epiphany that followed his discovery of electronic dance music. A discovery that is translated to perfection, both conceptually and emotionally, by the title track of this EP, "Falling In Love". A work where the gentleness of the delicate chords and the energy of the the relentless progression culminate on a passionate epic that is destined not to fill up hearts with its content, but to flood them with its intensity. Diversely, Kolombo's interpretation synthesizes the feelings that burst on the original's groove and encapsulates it into a powerful journey of an irresistible corporeal pull that moves elegantly through the speakers to the audience's ears, leaving indelible marks on the listeners' minds. "Poiesis", Zopelar's collaboration with another local promise, Felipe Sá, gifts us with a fierce rhythmic voyage energized by the bassline and enveloped by the somewhat dark ambience yielded by the synth pads. A flipside that complements with sophistication the main title's enterprise while providing it with a well deserved conclusion.