Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Audience, 2012 is the year of BOXER. And it has already been 10 years since Frank Martiniq came up with "Adriano". For Boxer, this was a fantastic kick-start into the international and national music world, and up to now, you can still enjoy its traces engraved on the asphalt. We would like to celebrate this little, yet significant event—on vinyl and of course with you! With streamers, confetti, and with four artists which are particularly dear to us: Robag Wruhme, von Spar, Lexy/Shades of Gray and Le Dust Sucker. An alluring aperitif to start 2012.

BOXER: "Times changed in 2002. So did we. And we moved on - at first it was just a hobby (Mehrwert Records), now it has become our job. The responsibility we feel towards our artists made this step necessary. At the start there was a one-sided promo-12. Frank Martiniqs club hit Adriano became Boxer Sports first release. 70 releases later Eric Eltrons and Beatschubiger's club-oriented record labels attracts a steadily growing community of fans and artists worldwide. Recent playlists and frequent demands for licenses prove how well the label works in spite of promoting unknown artists at the beginning. Boxer Sports & Kickboxer musically sophisticated label discography includes international signings like Dusty Kid, Rodriguez Jr, Kolombo, Steve Lawler&Audiofly, Delon & Dalcan, Matzak, Paul Nazca, Solaris Heights, Phonogenic, Ekkohaus, Paul Rich & Okain, Marascia or as well as German artists such as Haito, Martin Eyerer, Ron Flatter, Stephan Hintz, Patrick Chardronnet, Frank Martiniq, Wessling&Schrom or Goldfish & der Dulz among others. Also Great Remixers and Remixes from Oliver Koletzki&Florian Meindl, Popof, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Robag Whrume, Michael Maier, Catz`n Dogz, Simon Baker, DASO, M.A.N.D.Y or Gui Boratto to name just a few!

In 2009 we will work hard on the label to serve you some nice surprises & great music. And by the way. KICKBOXER will move your ass too. The fantastic cover art is done by oli flunke from "the pixelz" BOXER!