Saturday, May 24, 2014


Since last year, Joy Adegoke und Wim Janssens aka Joy Wellboy belong to our BPitch Control fami- ly. In addition to their contribution for the Where The Wind Blows compilation, the debut record Yorokobis Mantra was one of the highlights for BPC in 2013. After their single Mickey Remedy, the opener of the LP Before The Sunrise now comes in four different versions.The Tension Dub version of BPC veteran Kiki equip the original with its downtempo drive and poppy flair with a pumping attitude, while the spiral synths and a proper bass structure will pull you clearly towards the dancefloor. Kikis second remix transform pop into deep house and with the emphasis of the lyrics What if this is happening, he caters for a nice phantasm somewhere between absent- mindedness and doubt. The remix of Dixon may be listed already for the best-of lists 2014. The co-founder of berlin-based label Innervisions and magic bullet speaking of remixes, emphasizes not only the dreamy side of the original, but let his trademark sound unfold that distinguishes his much celebrated sets: a glorious melody, the vocals of Joy and this Dixon warmth, fed by pathos and ro- mance. Focus on the yearning supplication of Joys wonderful timbre were simply melting away! In addition to the radio edit of Before The Sunrise, the interpretation of Matthew Patterson Curry aka Safety Scissors knows how to spread his talent. In order of a sweeping climax he passes on the vo- cals, because before sunrise nothing is more important than to enjoy the here and now. Carpe diem!On the digital release there are another four gifts waiting for you: In addition to a wonderful devoti- onal live piano version of Lay Down Your Blade, three new tracks underpin the inimitability of Joy Wellboy. While Birds dreams of the possibility of flying in retro-driven pop look with shimmering synths, Darklands a cover by The Jesus and Mary Chain, with its downtempo aura and a delicate duet just float away jauntily. Diamond Sky is a dub-flavored gem in terms of easiness and charm, while the timbre of Wim Janssens with his dark complexion is a perfect counterpoint to Joys whispe- ring. Less...