Monday, September 14, 2020

Dial Records - VARIOUS ARTISTS - DIAL 2020 (I)

In utter disbelief of years gone by at light-speed, we are overjoyed (and slightly shocked) to announce the 20th anniversary of Dial Records. When Dial was founded in Hamburg around the turn of the Millenium we envisioned it as an experimental platform for a musical dialog among close friends - never would we have then thought it would last that long. Today Dial is like an ongoing diary for us documenting all these years across over a hundred releases, all the countless collaborations with artists and new friends we have made along the way. In 2020 we would like to take a further look into the future. After the release of Soela's album Genuine Silk (April 24th) and the upcoming XDB debut album in September, our jubilee compilation DIAL 2020 will be the frequent companion throughout the anniversary year. Our favorite artists will be presented on a series of releases- first in digital formats and finally as a very special vinyl edition. With DIAL 2020 PT.1 (May 22nd) we're thrilled to announce the stunning works of Lanoche, Molly, XDB, Joey Anderson, Mary Yalex and DDrhode. All of them gifted us with their most incredible tracks, some truly exciting birthday presents! We can't wait to announce the next compilation round, to come out in early summer. Throughout the entire year, we will be open for all kinds of media, documentaries, interviews and label stories. A publication documenting the visual endeavors of Dial Records will shine a light on that very crucial part of the label's history and will be released towards the fall of 2020.