Monday, February 01, 2021

Alien vibes from the Earth Radio with Passwar D, ESP 1AF1

An Almost Chronological Summary of the Sound From 2010 to 2020

The Alien Vibes From the Earth Radio Show Episode 1af1 "Unforgettable" by Passwar D is a highly artistic articulation of a 54-minutes, 12 tracks live DJ mix, offering the listeners an overview of the magnificent and aspirational soundscape of the second decade of the 21st century. 
The mix chronologically transitions through each year of the 2010s and into the first year of the new 2020 decade. 11 out of the 12 tracks were curated in reflection to the sound of the decennium with each track representing the given year based on its release date. This long winding sonic journey starts by introducing us to human sentimentality. It then leads the listeners into a spiritual chanting of the medieval, the tribal beats, and the techno arousal of the machines, aliens, and space travel. The 12th track, Passwar D's 2020 single release, Xhjduik (pronounce as "such") (Original Mix), was used in the middle point of the mix to spice up and embellish the mega-climatic escalation of tensions from Visual Capture (Luke Slater Remix) (2015) by Slam, and into the next record thereafter, from Architectural, Elliptical Storm (Original Mix)(2016). Denying the expectation of the complete machine takeover, the mix takes an unexpected turn after the climax with an extended and intertwined fusion of three tracks, Derek Plaslaiko's Praia Da Amalia (2018), Richie Hawtin's CLOSE combined (Moving Forward) (2019), and Tiga's 3 Rules (Deewee Unreleased Mix) (2020). Here, Passwar D masterfully combined acid, spoken words, and a playful electropop to imaginatively release us from the buildup tensions, ending this narrative with a sense of humor and cheekiness.
"Embracing tension, it is here to stay. Dancing with it, creating fun out of it, celebrating it and the tensions will eventually resolve." 

Passwar D, January 2021



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