Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Passwar D - Robo Tribe (Magdalena Baczewska Remix)

Robo Tribe was written during a time when people all around the world have been fighting for their voices to be heard. In response, Passwar D dreamed up this future of man and machine, living peacefully in a symbiotic way. Human uniqueness is nurtured and amplified in this new world. Technology helps man to celebrate individualistic dynamism. It is not about good over evil or virtuosity over ignorance. It is about the acknowledgment of the multidimensionality of homo sapiens. In this future world, technology and artificial intelligence help humans break free from constraints. Artists can travel back into history, resurrecting the lost knowledge, infusing ancient crafts with modern technology, and coming up with creative ideas with roots in the past and the future. It is within this context, Robo Tribe (Magdalena Baczewska Remix) was conceived.