Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Years Dirtybird

Dirtybird released its first record in Janaury 2005 but the idea began in 2002 during the production of “Intellect,” one of the most intensive studies on DJs and producers of house and techno music ever filmed. The Intellect dvd featured over 40 interviews with legendary producers from Juan Atkins, to Swayzak. Director Barclay Crenshaw created the concept of the label in order to supply tracks for the dvd soundtrack. In 2003, Barclay’s friend Christian Martin purchased a massive portable sound system and began throwing outdoor parties in San Francisco called “dirtybird.” The bird logo was derived from a sketch cartoon character Barclay had been drawing since he was 10 years old.

In 2005, “dirtybird,” the record label began releasing vinyl. At the same time, Barclay created the DJ alias “Claude VonStroke” as a joke but the name stuck forever after the debut record “Deep Throat” sold through more than 11,000 vinyl copies worldwide.

Since that time both the label and the dirtybird party have enjoyed great success. Some classic records released by dirtybird include “Deep Throat,” “Stoopit,” “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?,” and “The Whistler.” Artists on the label are mostly from San Francisco (like Justin Martin, Worthy, and Claude VonStroke) but recently some internationals have been popping up as well (like Catz n Dogz and Style of Eye.)

Galen & Justin Martin - The Cactus On Dirtybird, Out Now!

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Galen is an iconic figure of the San Francisco house scene. From running the legendary Tweekin record shop, to starting “Sunset,” the longest running outdoor house party on the West Coast, Galen can be credited with planting the seeds that would eventually become dirtybird. I can safely say that every single original dirtybird artist was highly influenced by Galen’s silky smooth DJ style and amazing events before they even made their very first house tracks.

Galen first worked with Claude VonStroke on the hard to find re-make of Newcleus’s rap classic “Jam-On-It” that was so popular in the underground the band picked it up as an official remix. Now, Galen’s good friend Justin Martin makes him an official member of the family with this two track EP that is the essence of modern San Francisco house and a summer anthem for both the Sunset and dirtybird parties.