Thursday, September 23, 2010

"And We All Fall Down"

Supplement Facts Records continue their rich run of form by handing a label debut to Detroit-native Lee Curtiss. The ‘And We All Fall Down’ EP has been one of the most hotly anticipated from the Israeli label and is set to become the soundtrack to the last echoes of summer. We continue to dance, as the days grow short our nights become longer and Lee’s EP is the perfect accompaniment…. ‘I Can Hear You Arthur’, a tribute to one of Lee’s long-time music heroes, Arthur Russell, is an emotional escape. With Russell being a direct sound-inspiration for the release, we are treated to a longing for a far away love. With waves of sound that build and cascade, accompanied by pillow-talk whisperings, all creating eight minutes of rhythmic, warm grooves…. Arthur never sounded better… After the body-swaying vibes of the A, Side B brings the perspirec-electronic throb and hip-grinding action of Labor of Love. After yearning for Arthur, we are more than appeased with the beautifully sultry and ever so intimate vocals of Stephanie Selvaggio. With it’s rhythmic guitar opening belying it’s true intention, Labor of Love develops into a sensual dancefloor cut with Stephanie’s vocals floating effortlessly with the acidic beats as she drives us ‚Crazy’…. “And We All Fall Down” is a perfect example of an artist at his most vunerable. Its brutally honest sound invites the listener in with open arms and wraps itself around them like a warm cashmere blanket. As the brutal realisation that summer is almost over starts to sink in…its worth taking comfort in records like this, that make the transition that much easier.