Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cocoon Recordings

The label was founded in 2000 as a part of the Cocoon Music Event GmbH. The company's other branches are Cocoon Booking (for Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Josh Wink etc. and Cocoon Clubbing, which organises club events as well as outdoor events and tours. Since July 2004, Cocoon also runs its own Club, located in Frankfurt, and being one of the most innovative club locations worldwide. Sven founded Cocoon Recordings in order to complete the Cocoon platform as a supporting tool for young artists in Electronic Music. The label philosophy is as simple as demanding: helping young producers and DJs to release their music without depending on Major Label structures. The musical style of the releases is mainly Techno. The flagship of Cocoon Recordings' releases is the Cocoon Compilation, which features exclusive tracks by Cocoon Artists as well as other new talents yearly. After each season in Ibiza, Sven releases his current set – something he did in 1999 for the first time ever during his twenty year long career – under the title
"The Sound of the First Season", which immediately entered the official German Compilation Charts at # 28. For instance, "The Sound of the Fifth Season", a combined CD/DVD gives an impression behind the scenes of the CocoonClub Ibiza, one of the most successful parties on the island, and shortly, the current volume "The Sound of the Seventh Season" was released. Other Cocoon Artists featured in this series are Richie Hawtin (together with Sven on "The Sound of the Third Season"), Steve Bug, Ricardo Villalobos, Pascal FEOS, Frank Lorber, Toni Rios and Tobi Neumann. Besides these two highly successful series, Cocoon Recordings releases artist albums and EPs by Cocoon Artists. Dawns Highway /  Snorkel is out now. The track “Dawn’s Highway” from No. 7 of the 10″ collector’s series  is a collaboration between the two Puerto Rican’s Jonny Cruz & Jojo Lati and Italy’s Simone Montomoliaka Simon Wish. Simon originates from Tuscany, but has lived in Miami for several years now. He is an inherent part of the Sleaze Tech posse around Maurizio Ruggiero, Daniele Campanga and Paolo Driver. Joel Latimer and Jonny Cruz have been friends since their childhood days, they both moved to Miami a few years ago and produce house music together, with a large catalogue of releases under different aliases spanning a variety of genres. The track “Dawn’s Highway” features aside from the production aspect a really funky and sexy vocal performed by Mr. Cruz, who just moved to Berlin this summer. For Jojo Lati, audio is part of his whole life. As a professional audio engineer he dedicates his life to manipulating sound or anything else that can be listened to. Their vinyl debut “Dawn’s Highway” perfectly illustrates the biographical culture clash – here, reduced percussive Tech Funk in the style of Marco Carola meets nasty vocals sounding like the old Chicago Trax while the sexy-elastic bass line makes the influences of the Florida metropolis abundantly clear…More popular over here, on the other hand, is Eric Estornel aka Maetrik. With his numerous releases for renowned labels from the likes of Treibstoff from Cologne, Dumb Unit and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique platform, the Texan who is now living in Valencia has proven to be one of the most reliable protagonists at the junction of straight House and Techno since the year 2000. “Snorkel” lives mainly from its level of tension that is consequently kept throughout the track: smoothly aspirated vocals provide just the right dash of Soul for a hypnotic strong work horse of a track that also repeatedly takes the pressure from the boiler by using noisy breaks. Let’s see what surprises we can expect from Maetrik on his upcoming album on the London label Cross.