Wednesday, September 08, 2010

InFine Music

International & eclectic music label based in Paris, Lyon and Berlin. Created by Agoria, Alex Cazac and Yannick Matray in 2006, to pulse with love & passion, projects from all over the world and from different genres. InFiné is subversive, humanist and emotional and looks for new ways of spreading music for the future!
InFine Presents Arandel
Arandel is not a band, Arandel is not a character.

Although the album In D is a UFO, its creator, more than a mere unidentified being, is above all a multi-instrumentalist who would like his true identity to remain in the background on this project. Take for instance his mix at the Carrière du Normandoux Festival, where he was concealed by a curtain distilling a DJ set consisting only of vocal tracks: Arandel is a secret entity whose only function is to let the music take centre stage. Remaining anonymous to explore every given possibility, showing many facets to the world, all underpinned by experimental music: Arandel is a new workshop for this pop craftsman, brought up on krautrock, electro and New York minimalism. It is the far side of an artist who reveals, with In D, his desire to explore new ground by delivering a work that breaks free from pop formats and standard songwriting. An original concept, a whole new sound. Continue reading at infine

Arandel - Overture from InFine Music on Vimeo.