Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Kilimanjaro is out on Kompakt now/ In his near decade history with recording and performing for Kompakt, Cologne's Aksel Schaufler aka Superpitcher has become synonymous with the sound of the label - the emotional sway and character he creates maintains unrivaled amongst today's ocean of comparisons. From James Holden to Foals he has been cited as an influence - his remixes are cherished and have almost legendary status. Take his breakthrough remix of M83 "Don't Save Us From Flames" which Pitchfork proclaimed as "everyone with ears should drop 99 cents at iTunes for the remix" and it goes without mention the impact his remixes for DNTEL, Quarks and most recently Charlotte Gainsbourg have had. As one half of SuperMayer (together with Kompakt co-conspirator Michael Mayer) they stormed the 2007 major festival circuit supporting their acclaimed full length "Save The World" and went on to remix a flurry of talent including Foals, Rufus Wainwright and Broken Social Scene. Though it's been six years since his debut full length "Here Comes Love" (KOMPAKT CD 32), it's clear that Superpitcher has remained fully in the picture not only as a producer but thanks to a diet of consistent, rigorous DJing. Continue reading at Kompakt.