Saturday, September 04, 2010

Johannes Heil

It was meditativeness, fantasy and individuality which have always been part of Johannes Heil´s productions. It is not only the music which stands in the foreground for Johannes Heil, but also the integration of strong words and images - always different and mystical, against the current and diverse in terms of style. Whether in the vocals or the title techno can by all means have a message as long as it is not forced upon the listener. The kick-off for his career as a producer was the correlation with DJ Heiko Laux, who played techno music far from the big cities in the Kanzleramt bistro in Bad-Nauheim. The small project rapidly expanded and aside the big trends - the Kanzleramt label with its sublabels U-Turn and K2O evolved. Johannes Heil quickly became one of the Kanzleramt headliners with his first solo releases on U-Turn (Der Tod, Die Offenbarung, Per Disciplinum Mea Lux Videbis) and Kanzleramt (P.A.X., Feiern), or together with Heiko Laux as Item One. Read more at

Johannes Heil new album Loving is out now on Cocoon: 1/ Hallelujah 2/ All Is One 3/ The Ace 4/ Seeded 5/ To The Groove 6/ Big City Nights 7/ Glockenspiel 8/ Freedom Of Heart 9/ A Holo Static 10/ Twentythree 11/ Could This Be 12/ Loving