Thursday, March 03, 2011

Freude Am Tanzen

What a joy to dance – " we were young and wanted to make a record! “ So what came of it? Since 1998 the high energy liveliness with a lustful musicality, is a reflection of a happy state of electric senselessness. With the tools of the devil put to good use we were able to keep the fridge filled for the most part. With the words of Tocotronic we must say “the youth made it for themselves”. The aim is to be where the fun is with a qualitative proficiency. Thereof it was managed with every focus on the happenings of the dance floor and thereby influences thus – constant editions of artistic dialog with the listeners and patrons without an appeal to the lowest common denominator.

A1 Atmospheric Disturbance by Freude am Tanzen

A2 Adorn With Flowers by Freude am Tanzen

B2 Music Alter My Future by Freude am Tanzen

B1 Yo Baby Yo by Freude am Tanzen