Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Jackmate - Interspherical Tensions

In the great pot of the ever-reborn tradition yields not too many electronic jockeys with the understanding of the traditional and modern quite like Michael Baumann aka Jackmate. Here a trip to the dancefloor isn't merely another chapter in your typical party anthology. Regarrdless of whether he deals from the DJ table or one of his live sets crawl out of his toolbox emporium, these select and 'bio-degradeable' sonics leave a thrillingly vivid resonance in your soul... His overtures rescue that trip to the local record store, above all deep inside the heart of the afficionado with a taste for unconditional nocturnal bashes. His three newest power generators are adult vehicles within the dramatic play between hypnosis and the trip equipped with the right measure of steam and courage. The hip-hop affinity dervish of coolness manifests movement as focused- absent the arabesque - in the direction of the mind and body. Decidedly simple yet an epoch is aimed for, at the same time wonderfully spun. The machine is stylishly fashioned for the intelligent dancefloor. Under the synonym Soulphiction he cares for his brand in the FAT Plastics release anthology as a Schiller protoge of sorts. Now there stands yet still the techno counterpart Goethe, and both together as inseparable as techno and house in the classical sense.