Thursday, July 09, 2020

Passwar D - Robo Tribe (Tribeless Humanity Mix)

The sonic alien being Paswar D returns with a second single from his debut album Personal Cosmology. Percussive tribal or a Tribeless Humanity Mix? The record revolves around a synthetically sounding marching beat. A non traditional experiment for sure, like a tribe of robots gemmed Passwar D’s music theme in an unplugged live session! A music melodrama from an alien standpoint, on the future to unfold. As for us humans, who like sonic challenges, such an imaginative sound scape is abundant! And who knows, maybe a true story to become, or a myth to unfold out of a great story!
To clarify the subject matter of his sonic story, the out of space creature sat down for a chat with Dj's Daughter.  Full story about Passwar D’s concept at The Dj's Daughter
Robo Tribe (Tribelss Humanity mix) single is out now on cassette and digital worldwide. PHYSiCAL Passwar D Bandcamp DiGiTAL Streaming & Download Platforms