Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Jiji's Adventure - Carlos Ferreira, Yumi Iwaki


“Tenderness” is the first collaborative album between Japanese musician Yumi Iwaki and Brazilian Carlos Ferreira using unreleased sketches, improvisations, and samples, “Tenderness” is a mosaic of painted sounds that does not end in itself, inviting the listener to inhabit its center.

Porto Alegre based experimental guitarist Carlos Ferreira and Tokyo-based synthesizer hypnotist Yumi Iwaki are presenting "Tenderness" , their first ever collaborative album through Modern Obscure Music. Carlos and Yumi have created this powerful ambient odyssey at the distance. Despite some connections between Yumi's family roots with the Brazilian musical scene, both artists feel a strong attraction about their cultural differences, through Literature, films, scents, colors, and nature… Carlos feels “there are infinite cultural differences between Japan and Brazil, and this can be explained by historical and even geographical factors, but people come together through very strong elements that are able to transcend these differences. Diversity must also unite us.”. Yumi explains that when she met Carlos on Instagram, she was instantly captivated by “his quiet, deep and fantastic view of the world, the feelings we shared seemed to take shape naturally, but it was Carlos' great talent to complete the production... more

released September 2, 2022

Yumi Iwaki: modular & analog synthesizers, op-1, piano, voice, FX pedals, looper, field recordings, sampling. Carlos Ferreira: electric guitar, bowed guitar, FX pedals, digital synthesizers, looper, field recordings, sampling.

Written & produced by Yumi Iwaki & Carlos Ferreira
Mixed & mastered by Carlos Ferreira