Sunday, December 11, 2022


Passwar D is a sound project with an identity conceived as an extraterrestrial creature connected to the human imagination. This is an original way of conceptualising a musical idea that is inspired by the various human experiences, our interests as rational living beings and all the emotions we experience throughout our lives.

Passwardy connects all these possible stories with sonic arguments that exemplify his conception from outside the planet. With The Death of Synthetic Parody he shows different developments in terms of the style of the album, his lo-fi mix of MIT BLA BLT can perfectly represent the information codes that a being from another planet could use, or the second cut which is a remix of Acid Elevator, a version of syncopated rhythmic sequences and acid lines that intermingle with spatial frequencies. The third cut on the other hand is the original version of the previous track and curiously the sound treatment completely erases the brightness in its textures, giving it a degraded character. Robo Tribe (Passwardy Mellifluous Remix) is a deep and gloomy landscape and Robo Tribe (Magdalena Baczewska Piano Remix) is even more disturbing due to the involvement of the piano. WORDS BY Industrial Complexx

Passwar D participated in the last edition of Teorema, a festival organised by Diffuse Reality.

Release date: December 16th, 2022.